Other BlackBear Projects

The odd and unusual projects we get involved in that don't fit anywhere else...

"Fat Cat" Float for student campaign group People and Planet.

With our expertise in low voltage sound systems and engineering we were approached by People and Planet to build a float for a student march. The 12volt pedal powered sound system was ample to fill Trafalgar Square! The outer artwork was created by Oxford artist Stig www.shtig.net

Fat Cat Float for People and Planet

Festival Fireplaces for The Big Green Gathering Co

In order to reduce firewood bills, as well as minimising damage to the grass and fire risks, BGG decided to have large communal fireplaces maintained by site crew around the site instead of individual campers fires.

The brief was to build fireplaces of available materials that are large enough for a group of people to gather round and heavy enough to not get picked up and removed by persons unknown...

With reclaimed materials from the site farmyard 4 large fireplaces were created and received a good response from the attendees at the festival as well as the management.

The larger ones are 8'x4', the smaller are 4' square. More elaborate versions can be made, depending on available budget and supply of materials. Plans for larger and more ornate ones for another client are in the workshop and will be in use during the summer of 2010.

Outdoor Fireplace for Big Green Gathering 1 Outdoor Fireplace for Big Green Gathering 1